Monday, June 20, 2011

Galla Creek Floyd and Ole Dan

Dan and Floyd are from the Lia and Ole Dan litter. We named the litter after ancestors. Dan was named after his sire and grandsire and Floyd was named for Lia's sire. Dan goes to Tony Marshall and Floyd is going to the Heath Thomas home in LA to team up with Zoey! The video is short. Floyd was not wanting to stay in the little bucket so he is only shown a split second! All the Lia pups are so nice. Spook is mine. Pepper goes to Matt Howell. Pat James gets to pick between Nell and Pris. Pepper is named after her Great Grandmother, Bruce Blihovde's Pepper. Spook is named for my Spook, grandmother more than once. I'm calling her Bandit. Nell is named for Lia's mother, Nogo Nell and Pris is named for Ole Dan's mother, Pris. Grandmother Pris is out of Bruce B's Pepper and Dale, son of Ole Rowdy! I am naming the Opal litter after nicknames of former presidents and first ladies.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really excited to be getting Dan. Thanks for posting the video of him.

Tony M.