Sunday, September 23, 2007

West Virginia Jack

Email from Jean in Virgina:
My name is Jean Shrewsbury and I own a beautiful male
Mountain Feist named “Jack”. My father gave him to me last
September. He had already gotten one for himself and we
fell in love with his while visiting one weekend. Dad surprised
me by going back to the owner and getting the final pup of the
litter. Jack is smaller than his litter mates, but full of all the
great qualities you talk about on your web page. He is 17
months old and weighs 17 pounds. I am so impressed with
“Jack” that I want to find a female. I looked at your webpage
and liked the picture of “little bit”. Is she still available?

Jean Shrewsbury
Shenandoah Valley
Fishersville, Virginia
We were sorry to have to tell Jean that Lil' Bit was
sold. But hopefully Jean can get a Mountain Feist
from us to go with her West Virginia Jack. We call
Jact a Blue Tick Feist and would love to have one
to call our own. Jean explained when she telephoned
us that her father lived in West Virgina and that is
where this beautiful Mountain Feist was from!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the looks of this Feist he is a beautiful dog.


Mike said...

What unusual colours this dog has! So unique and smart. Lovely.

Jean said...

I agree. Jack's coloring is really a great feature. I am still looking for a female that would be a good match for him. Galla Creek's Lit Bit would have been just what I was looking for breeding purposes. I am continuing to look and enjoying learning more about the breed as I do the research.