Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gone to Texas

Collin Carol of Nacogdoches, Texas became owner of our last pup of this season. He is out of
Larry Ellingson's Lacy and Max. We called him Magoo, but Collin said he was tagging him Tex. He bought a female from Matt Howell out of Rosco and Randi so he is going to have a pair. Collin's Dad, Phil, is observing in the photo. He operates a saw mill. We sure hope Collin will keep us updated with photos of Tex and the little female, Aggie.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preacher's Got it Made

Sherry Vance sent pictures of Preacher. He has his own Christmas tree and camo blanket. A soft bed with a friend to keep him warm.

He even helps out taking care of Dobs little pup because he loves his new home.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shamrock Hits the Woods

Vickie Green sent photos of Shammy after a hunt. Shamrock is out of Max and Awesome Aussie. She is the Aunt of Coonie who we just sold to Dillon Friday. Here is Vickie's email:

Junior and I went squirrel hunting this sunday afternoon and killed 9. Here are some pictures with Shammy. She is a great squirrel dog. Thanks so much for selling her to us.

Thanks, Vickie

Monday, December 28, 2009

Coonie's Alabama Christmas

First, Dillon's Dad hid Coonie under a blanket and told Dillon to see what his present was.
Dillon pulled back the cover and there lay Coonie.
He was pleased but Coonie was a little taken aback by all the hoop a loo.
But when they took Coonie on her first hunt the next day she knew what to do. Here she is with her first Alabama squirrel.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Coonie was Dillon Friday's Christmas present. I hope he loves her and she him. Here he is with his deer trophy. Coonie's new home is in Huntsville, Alabama.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Face Nelson

Proud to get a new picture of Nelson--out of Spook and Max. Also a nice testimony from Coach Adam Patterson copied below--
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Betty,
Nelson treed about 20-25 times today. The baseball coach and I went hunting in a river bottom today, and we ended up with 11 and probably let about 4-5 get away. Nelson treed as well today as I've ever seen him tree. I hope that the pictures are good, and I hope that ya'll have a wonderful Christmas this year. Thanks a lot for allowing me to have Nelson. He is a lot of fun, and a blast to take hunting.
Adam Patterson

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Galla Creek Marshmellow

Wade Baswell sent photo's of Marshmellow after a hunt in Missouri. She is out of Spud's sister,
Daisy and Raider. Above is a photo of her here on Galla Creek in the Summer of '08 and below
pictures of her all grown up. Also, Wade sent a tale of the hunt which I have copied below.
Galla Creek Marshmellow is out of Raider and Daisy, full brother to Woo. She is doing great! She is 1 yr 7 mo. now and is treeing on her own. Here is a short story from our hunt. We had a little gray eluding us, after it was treed we got one shot off before it bailed out of the tree and holed up in a root system. After flushing it out, Marshmellow timbered it and when we got poised to shoot again it bailed out again, only this time Marshmellow intercepted it on the ground and saved us a bullet. She is an awesome dog. Thanks for the feist, I'll recommend Galla Creek dogs to anyone.
We got 9 in the evening hunt. This shows my other squirrel dog, Alex. He is a Border Collie. My hunting companion is my brother-in-law, Kevin. Around April-May I'll be breeding Marshmellow to another Missouri Feist named Ozark Rambo. If you or someone you know might like one, I'll be selling them for the same price as yours. Marshy will be two years old around then. I might need some info from you on taking care of her during her pregnancy as well as new born pups. How many deposits do you have on Spud-Lia pups so far? I'm thinking about getting a male. Here is a link to see Ozark Rambo. Wade Baswell

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Contract with Tyson?

I finished Betty's chicken pen just in time to put a bow on it for her Christmas present. Now she is wondering if we can get a contract with Tyson!

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is Sterling Earhart with Greta, Opal/Shooter pup. She treed those squirrels by herself at 7 months...yes, I plan to make this cross again. This time I would like to keep one for myself!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is my pup Jack out of Spook and Shooter.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craig Adam's Snickers

Snickers and her sister--about a month old! Below she is all grown up!
Got another email from Craig Adams and news on Snickers. She is moving right along. She still hates birds just like the squirrels, but you can pretty well say that of all my Feists. Craig's email is below Snicker's pictures. O' Snickers has one blue eye. She is a pup of All Cranked Up and Spud!
Hello, Larry and Mrs. Betty,
I took Snickers Sunday ands he made four trees and tried her best to tree some ducks but they kept flyin off on Then this afternoon I slipped off work early and loaded her up and she jumped out of the dog box and and went straight out and made a tree. She made three trees in about 1 hour this afternoon. It's got to the point now if she sees me walk to the truck with my gun she goes crazy and I love it! she's got a long ways to go to be a broke dog but she sure is headed in the right direction.Hope you'll like the pictures. Craig

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter from Billy Graham

That's the Preacher curled up there with the Schnauzer. He wrote us a Christmas letter from his new home in Texas--copied below his photo!
Dear Larry & Betty,
Texas is ok. It is cold one day then hot the next. I am staying in the house and getting to sleep in the big bed, why did I not get to do that at Galla Creek? There are some fine looking Feist here and some real cute Feist puppies. There is also some ugly looking dogs, like I have never seen. I am sending a picture of one of those ugly dogs and me . I share a day bed with him. Lots of licks and bites and Merry Christmas!!! Preacher

Troy and Sherry have a litter of pups from Dobs and Judge Roy Bean--that's the puppies Preacher is taling about. Six females in the litter.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Greta Saga Continued...

Sterling sent another email and photo of Greta! She is progressing right along. He took this with his cell phone, but you can see she is excited. Here is Sterling's email account:
Yesterday afternoon after I sent the pictures of Greta I had a little time so I took her by herself to a patch of woods I haven't hunted this year. She got after a squirrel in a thicket timbered it out of sight and treed it in a big cedar tree even barked a time or two. When I got to her the sq timbered out but I got a shot at it thru the cedar tree. It didn't fall so I start looking for it and Greta was standing up on the tree and barking every once in awhile looking for mr squirrel. I had hit it and it finally fell out. She was pretty proud of herself. Here is a cell phone picture of her and her squirrel. Sterling

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sterling Earhart sent pictures of Greta. She is 7 months old out of Opal and Shooter. She is beginning to figure out what Sterling bought her for. His email is below. Thanks, Sterling for
remembering us with the pictures.
Hello Larry & Betty, Haven't sent ya'll a picture of Greta in a while. Littlejohn and I went hunting yesterday in the cold and Roger always brings his camera. He took these pictures of Greta that I thought you might like. I take her hunting about three days a week and she is coming along pretty good. She is hunting by sight and will timber one good and stay with it for a while won't bark yet but won't be long. She timbered one to a cedar tree the other day stayed with it till I got there I ran it out she timbered it on til Sam came to help her they finally treed it so I shot it out to them. Sterling

Friday, December 11, 2009

'O Cedar

Cedar's master is Rev. James Lybrand. He decided to get Cedar for exercise. His wife wanted him to join a health club but the Rev. thought walking in the woods would be just as good. He contacted us after finding Cedar in Yell County, Ar. Cedar is a pup of Shooter's and his mother, Pepper, was a daughter of our Old Langford's Rowdy. The Rev. has been very pleased with Cedar. He is just past a year old and doing great. A full sister was here last week and the owner bred her to Spud. So we will have a pup that is a neice of Cedar in the Spring. I am posting a new photo of Cedar with the Rev. and a picture of his sister, who we called Little Tee.
Cedar with the Rev. after a hunt with Matt Howell and Rosco. Even Cedar's dog box is made of cedar. Below is Little Tee, Cedar's full sister. She was visiting here to be bred to Spud and I took this photo of her in the heat pen.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Eli is out of Max and Larry Ellingson's Sandy. We owned his sister, Red Fern, at one time, but she is now at home in Ok. Eli lives in Connecticut with Al and Heather Lawson and their son. One of my ancestors lived in Stumford, Conn. in the late 1700s and another lived at Gravesend, Long Island where he had a tide grist mill. I have never been to either state, but my roots are there. Thanks to Al for the update and Christmas scene with Eli!
Hi Larry and Betty,I have been meaning to send you some updated pics of Eli (Max x 2Rivers Sandy).He is 11 months now and I think we are on the right track.We had a nice hunt on Friday morning,he treed one squirrel and timbered another to the same tree,I managed to knock one out to him.I had him posing for a nice woods pic and my camera battery died.Here are some pics of him around the house,I promised my wife that I would keep this pup off the furnture,how am I doing?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Roger Littlejohn's Smarty

Roger Littlejohn sent a couple of photos of Pretty Boy Smarty (out of Pretty Boy Floyd and Smarty). The little one is Tanner with Roger's son, Drew. Below Smarty is traveling with the Littlejohn's for a Thanksgiving visit. Most Feist dogs love to ride and be with their family. You can see Smarty loves both.

Notice the tree is a University of Tennessee version. Thanks to Roger for the pictures and espesially for being such a good owner for Smarty.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Sherry Vance got this greeting from one of the families that own a pup out of Dobs and Max. She sent this message along with the Happy Holidays.

People just love those Galla Creek dogs. This is Dagwood, out of Dobs & Max. They are sure enjoying that Dog.....They are not hunters but, you know Galla Dogs are just great dogs, everyone wants one. We camp and fish with the Mills alot and we really love that Dagwood is a part of their family..........Sherry Vance

We agree 'People just love those Galla Creek Dogs and we do too!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Baby Face Nelson

Nelson is a littermate to Pretty Boy Floyd and Bonnie Sue Parker. Coach Adam Patterson of MS owns Nelson. Doesn't seem possible but I guess Nelson has been gone from Galla Creek 2 years.
Here is what Adam had to say in his email.
A bad day of huntin' is better than a good day at work, but a good day of hunting just can't be beat!!!!!! :-) Days like today make me want to go back!! Squirrel and dumplins' are really hard to beat!!!

Nelson treed nine squirrels, but I was only able to get 6 of them. I usually don't kill this many, but he was treeing really well and i've eaten all the squirrels in the freezer so I killed a few extra. I hope all is well with ya'll and I will try to send some more pictures over the holidays.
Adam Patterson

Saturday, December 05, 2009

What makes a good dog?

Preacher and his master dreaming of going to the woods.
This is what I think about what makes a good dog:

First, it is genetics. I have been raising Feist for about 25 years and you can not make a good squirrel dog from one that does not have the drive and want to hunt. That comes from the breeding of the dog.

Second, most important thing, is the time you spend with your dog. Dogs with the right genetics that fail do so because of what happens to the dog in his first year of life.

So, here is some advice if you want a squirrel dog--buy one that you think has the genes to make it and spend quality time with your dog.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Mac Attack

Steve Mckee sent an update on his Shooter/Opal pup and a photo of Mac with his bounty after a hunt. Amos Moses is a half brother to Zipper and Spook.
Mckee’s Mac Attack = Amos Moses X Joyner’s Foxy Lady : 1st hunt this year as leaves still on the trees and deer season opening. 21 1st time out and 19 the next morning (11-29-09 ). My little female off of Shooter and Opal is coming along nicely. Haven’t taken her to the big woods yet but already treeing behind the house every evening with Mac. Trying to get her used to the 22 right now. I am going to try him in some squirrel hunts this winter and spring. I feel he just deserves the chance to show what he can do. Most amazing squirrel dog I have ever owned or hunted with in my 30 years of hunting squirrel dogs. I could never thank you enough for letting me know where to find this puppy when you didn’t have any to sell at the time. Thanks